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Division 2

Posted by xorth

Division Tracker will be back for Division 2, with all new, all upgraded site. Get your body ready!

Pre-Order Division 2 here! with our referral code! <3

Thank you for your support and see you in March!

Site Updated

Posted by xorth

Ubi changed some things which broke our site. We have made the fixes needed and the site is working again! Enjoy

Stat Profiles Fixed

Posted by xorth

Our data collection was broken for a bit there but we have pushed a fix. Get back to stat tracking! :)

Rogue Kills Decreased?

Posted by xorth

Experiencing your Rogue Kills being rolled back or decreasing? So are many others. Here is a thread about it on reddit.. We just consume the data, the issue is on massive/uplay end. Please open a support ticket with them!


Steam Sign-In Fixed

Posted by xorth

Our green sign-in with steam was down, apologies about that. Should be back to working!

We released an Overwatch site!

Posted by xorth

Play Overwatch? Need a Tracker? We got you covered. We have released Overwatch Tracker with Stat profiles, Leaderboards & more to come.