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Read: : Some users have reported that their stats are wrong, or behind. We've looked into it. One of the reasons could be because of the privacy settings of your console, please make sure its set to public. The source of where we get our stats can somtimes also be be behind 24-48 hours. Not for everyone, and not all the time. Please give it 24 hours before you submit a support request. Apologies for the complication.

My Stats are wrong

We pull the stats from Uplay. Please login to Uplay and if your stats are wrong on there, please report it to Ubi. If they are right on there, please create a support post here and we'll look into it!

Can you add stat 'x'?

There isn't much information available in the API we use, if more gets added we will make sure to show it here!

When do ranks update?

Our leaderboard ranks update automatically a few times a day (on your profile). Our leaderboard page is live, but has minimal caching.

Will you add my country to the regional leaderboards?

Your country will appear automatically after signing up, it might take some time before they show up

Do the leaderboards show all Division players?

No they do not, they only show the people whose profile is indexed.

Why do some profiles show more stats than others?

We try to show any useful stats we can find. This means there will be differences between platforms.
Players who play on Uplay have extra stats available for them: Teammates Revived and Missions Completed on Hard or Challenge difficulty.

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