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I'm hoping you can explain to me why my stats are off. I had 27 rouge kills in the dark zone a few days ago and 16 of them were on recording.
I waited 3 days and I was given 1 new rouge kill.
I've done this experiment at least 10 other times. I will have a team of 4 players, we count my kills both rouge and non-rouge players in the dark zone.
No matter how many I kill where you see my name as the player that kills them, I only get 1 new rouge kill on average a day.
This isn't fair and I know it's just stats but why are mine not being calculated correctly.
I read your message about being private, which I was for a very long time and then I changed to public and still the same.
I have thousands of rouge kills yet I'm listed as 611. That is just not right. I would like to know what you will be doing to correct this and when please.

Thank you,