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Re: Seperate agent stats The API Ubisoft provides has little to no data, so we cannot show character specific stats.
Re: My Playtime Is Wrong The playtime shown on the Xbox One menu uses a generic method by Microsoft. I have noticed myself th
Re: Add how many times you went rogue, manhunt, died and survived. This data is not available in the API, when it comes available we will add it.
Re: Incursion Completions Tracker?? This data is not available in the API, when it comes available we will add it.
Re: Seeing a second or third character stats No, sadly that data is not available in the API we use. We will show stats of the highest character
Re: Can't see my stats [quote=Steve Wate]I can not get the tracker to work with division but destiny tracker works fine wi
Re: why not include... :) That is not available in the API, if it becomes available we will add it.
Re: stats are wrong/ behind To what statistic are you comparing this? The playtime shown on the Xbox can be incorrect.
Re: Can not find gamertag. It might be that your privacy settings are set to private.
Re: Player population? Massive/Ubisoft do not publicly provide that information.
Re: Progress of this site??? Some people do not think these stats are meaningless. We're waiting on words from Massive about a po
Re: API? Sorry, we will not be giving API access as handling the support for it will be too difficult current
Re: Wrong Stats This is the data we're getting from the Ubisoft API. There is not much we can do about irregularitie
Re: Can't see my stats We're sorry for the troubles. Sadly there are some minor problems with certain accounts and we are u
Re: No falcon lost challange mode rewards We are not the developers of The Division, we only track stats. So we can't help you with your probl
Re: Divisiontracker bug It might take a few hours before we can get the data. I just looked at your profile and it seems you
Re: cant find my stats Some accounts have weird technical issues and we are unable to properly retrieve those stats. We've
Re: Thank you!! Awesome, Thanks for your support! We try our best to provide as many stats as we can.
Re: Bugs & Broken Stuff [quote=stwiki] Not my profile but stumbled upon it
Re: Cant find my self Hello it seems like your stats are available, you can look at them here: http://divisiontracker.c
Re: Runtime Error When Searching By Country [quote=Fenix 420]ya well it's not working correctly. I am number 1 in the US in overall kills and no
[Site News] New Stats Available for PC Players We have added new stats for people who play The Division on PC! Here they are:<ul><li><a href="ht
Re: Players killed/Manhunts survived That data is not available in the API we use. Everything is explained in our [url=http://division
Re: Can't load my stats The gamertag attached to your account does not exists, please make sure you selected the correct pla
Re: Issues with graphs on Division Tracker user front page This has been fixed, thanks for letting us know.
Re: Runtime Error When Searching By Country Thanks for notifying us, currently working on a fix. Edit: A fix has been made and pushed to live
Re: API? [quote=Simonx]Do you have a API for the stats? :)[/quote] For what would you like to use the API?
Re: Character Gear Score Leaderboard or reflected under 'MY STATS' ? Gear Score is not available in the API we use so we are unable to show them to you. Everything is
Re: Tracker Down? There was an issue with the services. Everything is back up and running.
Re: Just joined the site Please keep the discussions formal in the forums and be kind to each other. Stats are updated au
Re: Add how many times gone rogue and agents killed This data is not currently available in the API we use.
Re: Fix match making We are not related to Ubisoft or Massive and can't make changes the game.
Re: Steam account Thanks for the feedback, I'll be looking into removing the automatic redirect for people.
Re: Player Kill Counter This is not available in the current API we consume.
Re: Index my profile? You just lookup your profile in the search area on the homepage, make sure you select your platform
Re: Kindly fix the UAE flag in the leaderboards We will be fixing the flags on the Regional leaderboards asap.
Read Before Posting & FAQ Before you create a thread make sure your question has not already been answered somewhere else. You
[Site News] Announcing The Division Tracker! Welcome, Agent! <p>We know you're hard at working making Manhattan safe again (unless you've gone

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