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[Site News] Division 2 Division Tracker will be back for Division 2, with all new, all upgraded site. Get your body ready!
[Site News] Site Updated Ubi changed some things which broke our site. We have made the fixes needed and the site is working
[Site News] Stat Profiles Fixed Our data collection was broken for a bit there but we have pushed a fix. Get back to stat tracking!
Re: Xbox stats are incorrect... [quote=tropolite]Hi Checking my stats for The Division from a few weeks ago I noticed there was def
[Site News] Rogue Kills Decreased? Experiencing your Rogue Kills being rolled back or decreasing? So are many others. [url=https://www
[Site News] Stats Not Updating Stat's are currently not updating, we are getting an error communicating w/ the UPlay servers. We're
[Site News] Steam Sign-In Fixed Our green sign-in with steam was down, apologies about that. Should be back to working!
Re: Incorrect stats. [quote=Bundari]A fix or any site feedback would be appreciated[/quote] We pull the data from ubis
Re: Ability to Search Friends Stats [quote=blindsight13]Is there a way to search friends stats or a list/group of friends to compare sta
Re: Are signatures possible? [quote=juicypop]Hi guys, really appriciate your work on the stats and kindly want to ask wether t
Re: Regional Leaderboards [quote=longliveavila]Is it possible to change the region that I am showing up in the leaderboards fo
Re: What privacy setting ? [quote=TeamHamer]Stats won't update keeps telling me.. Says to turn off privacy settings but they se
Re: 'Players killed as Rogue' tracker [quote=cassettecartel][b]Addition to the Division Tracker profile[/b] It would be awesome to see
Re: no stats on tracker [quote=mu5tang082871]I am not sure if this post is were I am supposed to post this but..... I just j
Re: My Stats and Regional Leaderboard mismatch [quote=KillerFrikkie]My Kills stats under the My Stats section is correct and matches Uplay and in-g
Re: view gears and weapon options [quote=tmon3yVamp]I really think that there should be a way for players to view their gears and wea
Re: Revive stats for Xbox1 [quote=Swoosh718]How do I find my revive stats for Xbox 1. Every time I check it only shows me PC le
Re: Under ground stats [quote=kerker48]Will you be adding any underground stats for PC.[/quote] We're looking into it.
[Site News] We released an Overwatch site! Play Overwatch? Need a Tracker? We got you covered. We have released [url=https://overwatchtracker.
Re: My rogue kills stat didn't record hours of gameplay. [quote=SubarashiiAka]Hi. I play this game nightly and I mainly go for rogue kills because I am very
Re: API? [quote=Simonx]Examples: Clan website (member list), other fansites or something like that. :P[/quote
Re: [Site News] Regional Leaderboards [quote=Bretto74]Not showing up on regonal leaderboards psn idScurvyReaper47 [/quote] You need t
Re: [Site News] Regional Leaderboards [quote=PathogenicKiller]I am still not showing up at all in the regional leaderboards. My PSN ID
Re: Regional Leaderboards ( Germany ) Bugged? [quote=rafaelbk2]same here[/quote] Should be fixed now
Re: Regional Leaderboards ( Germany ) Bugged? [quote=blaqdeer]Hello. I just joined the site, I set my location, saved it, it told me to "update
Re: regional leaderboards [quote=Bigchief7000]Cant seem to join leaderboards cant link account , anyone know what to do?[/quot
Re: regional leaderboards [quote=xdksommerx]ive been trying join the leaderboard 4 Denmark and i cant see it xdksommerx[/quo
[Site News] Regional Leaderboards [u][b]Bug Fix[/b][/u] Some of you were having problems showing up on the regional leaderboards. Tho
Re: Just joined the site [quote=sorscha][quote=DuaLity]go to the leaderboards and click join regional leaderboards. quite sim
Re: Just joined the site [quote=Samsemilia]Problem with the Regional leaderboard here. Sittin in Germany, but iam not able to
Re: Bullshit! [quote=billyii]My character is at level 30 and have been for weeks but according to this tracker, it
Re: Just joined the site [quote=Vlisson]looks like the project is dead :([/quote] Not dead!!! Sorry. We've been doing upd
Re: Can't find gamer tag [quote=Ruble67]It says it can't find gamer tag. I know I've spelled it right and it's linked to upla
Re: Show Equip, Guns and his Stats [quote=OneFarnochi]Hi everyone! I´m from Brazil and im appreciate your jobs in all Trackers Sites. I
Re: Profile banner issue [quote=ACED8o8]What's up, if the devs are reading this. I was wondering if their was any way to upda
Re: Just joined the site [quote=Ge3kin][quote=DuaLity]^ then you need to join regional leaderboards [/quote] I already hav
Re: Just joined the site [quote=Ge3kin]Hey ladies and Gentlemen, Ge3kin here reporting in : ) Great site, I didn't eve
Re: update status [quote=Daniel De Sá] Good Morning! I believe that my information is wrong , because I have a lo
Re: Leaderboards - rogue [quote=courage7m2]Can there be a stat in the leader boards for amount of time survived as rogue? [/
Re: How to view a users public profile? [quote=DuaLity]how do i get to someones profile if i click on them in the leader boards? [/quote]
Re: Cant find myself [quote=Vlisson]where can i add my account when i play on PC? only xbox and PS?[/quote] Go to p
Re: Bugs & Broken Stuff [quote=Ryan Phelps]my stats are incorrect, for example my lv is 30 your stats say im level 25? i was
Re: Seeing Gear [quote=ZeriousSam]For the record I love the site and use it for multiple games. I am guessing this i
Re: Edit profile? [quote=fifthgearonline]Yeah all i see is the ability to add your PSN or Xbox account. Why cant I add
Re: Edit profile? [quote=Flarexi]There seems to be no way to edit profile after it has been created. The only profi
Re: Cant find myself [quote=xSharpShooterR]Thanks for trying, atleast one who came up with idea :)[/quote] what is you
Re: Kindly fix the UAE flag in the leaderboards [quote=PrimeDop3ness]thank you[/quote] Fixed
Re: leaderboards [quote=oM Origins]I think they need a leader board for time spent rogue cuz I'm rogue more then I am
Re: Stats for multiple characters [quote=Rhabdoman]Hi, Firstly great site. Does anyone know if the stats show the total for your a
Re: Can u make an app from this for iphone? [quote=Matthewguy14]Can u make an app from this for iphone?[/quote] Working on it!

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